About BE

Allan is the owner and chief engineer of Binary Engineering(BE). Started in 1998, he and his team are IT and cloud specialists (DevSecOps) for companies and organizations on a budget. His speciality includes creating custom web-apps to give a competitive advantage and using one of the many open-source apps available for free.

BE Efficient and Effective!

Allan is also obsessed with being efficient. He hates waste; whether it is food waste, energy waste, material waste, wasted effort or wasted time. Over the years, Binary Engineering has learned many techniques to being effecive and efficient. BE now offers efficiency engineering as part of its consulting services. Efficiency engineering involves helping organizations and individuals to optimize and automate certian targeted tasks. Allan is a professional teacher of engineering technologies and has many tried-and-true ideas to acheive greater efficieny and effectiveness.

Guest Speaker

Allan considers himself a futurist. Thus he is constantly looking at new advances in technology and is happy to share his perspectives and predictions.

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