BE Efficient!

We are obsessed with being efficient

We hate waste; whether it is food waste, energy waste, material waste, wasted effort or wasted time. Binary Engineering offers efficiency engineering consulting services. Efficiency engineering involves applying the expertise of experienced efficiency engineers to help organizations and individuals optimize their daily operations to achieve greater efficiency in targeted areas. Efficiency engineering is a data-driven engineering discipline focused on optimizing the processes and tasks so that amazing experiences can be delievered with fewer resources.

BE primarily focuses on energy efficiency renovations, lifestyle consulting and training programs on how to work more efficiently and effectively at daily tasks. We can help foster a culture of continuous improvement which leads to daily satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

  • Reduce cost
  • Increase quality
  • Eliminate inefficiencies

Efficient Renovations

Achieving improved efficiency isn't just about reducing your energy bill; it's about taking control, living sustainably, and contributing to a better future. Below is our step-by-step book on renovating to a more efficient home.


About Robert

Robert is an interesting fellow. His duel identity as a computer engineering and high school teacher has lead to many adventures on his path to becoming a efficiency engineer.