Binary Engineering (BE), Inc.

BE has been faithfully serving the computer needs of downtown Miami, Brickell, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Shenandoah and Coconut Grove business communities since 1998.

Allan Miller - President

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Our Services

Experience and Realiablity

Who do you turn to for assistance with cloud technology? From private clouds to online office suite, we help our clients with all their cloud-based infrastructure and software. We help business operate like it is 2018, not 2003.


Our Clients

19 Years Exprience

BE has helped many clients around Miami area. Here is just a few of our signature clients.


Private Cloud Implementation

Using VMWare, we implemented a full private cloud solution for Phynance Captial Management. PHY required no data to be at rest in their offices. Our solution was use zero-client appliances, with VMWare backend architecutre, and end-to-end encryption between their offices and their datacenter.


IT Help & Support

Back when RAAW Foods were just getting started, BE helped with all their general IT needs.


Full-Stack Instructor

BE teaches students to be full-stack web developers in just 12-weeks; using rapid-learning techniques.


Quality Assurance and Certification

Before any IT system was authorized for deployment t their fleet, it had to pass BE's rigorous certification testing.


Full SaaS Solution

The local PTA needed a full accounting, calendering and membership system. BE designed, developed, and implemented a full Software as a Service(SaaS) web solution.


Online Journal PaaS Solution

In collaboration with MDC and other universities, BE designed, developed and implemented a peer-review and publication tracking system.

Community Service

BE believes in helping its community.

Over the years, BE has volunteered to help the next generation with its technology education.


2017 eMerge Hackathon

BE's sponsored team of middle-school students competed in the 2017 eMerge hackathon. BE's 4-month training program allowed the middle school students to compete against professional developers for the $10,000 prize. BE's team placed 11 out of the 25 teams competing in the hackathon, with it's Cruise Music Mix application.


2016 eMerge Hackathon

BE took it's first team of middle-school students to the eMerge Hackathon. The team received "Honorable Mention" for their Chemistry Cat application.


The City of Miami, Parks and Recreation

As part of their summer camp at Peacock Park, BE took a group of elementary students taught them how to use photo-editing, video-editing, and video game development software.


After-School Club

BE sponsored the MUTT Club. The club taught students to use mix music, use digital photography, photo-editing software, video-editing software, and video game development.


Hour of Code

Every year BE participates in providing at least one hour of coding to every 5th grade student at CWK8. Over 200 students are introduced to the concepts of logical thinking and app development.